Welcome to Ebike Liquidators USA!

E-Bike n. (EE-BYK)- a modern day version of the traditional bike that operates just like a traditional bike but also offers multiple levels of pedaling assist as well as an effort free throttle switch. Often seen cruising through the citypark, commuting through the urban jungle, or conquering mountain trails. (see also; Tons of fun, effortless commuting, endless exploring, jealous friends)

Liquidators n. (LIK-wi-date-ohrs) A business or service offering top quality products, often found elsewhere on the web, but at incredibly discounted prices. Prices often so low, they are tough to believe. This will often include Free Shipping. Use of a service such as this often results in fatter wallets, inner peace, & workplace bragging rights against those who foolishly paid full price. (see also; best prices anywhere, Great selection of top name brands, Only fools pay pay more)

You have stumbled upon what amounts to free money. OK so you won’t receive an envelope with a load of cash just for visiting, but you WILL save a load of money just by shopping with us! E-Bike Liquidators is really nothing more than a middle man in the E-Bike industry, but unlike every other scenario where a middle man comes into play, in this case the middle man (us) is the best thing that ever happened to the E-Bike industry because we are the ONLY middlemen around that will SAVE YOU HUNDREDS over everyone else.

We have the EXACT SAME BIKES as the big corporate guys.
We have the EXACT SAME WARRANTY as the big corporate guys.
We have the EXACT SAME FREE SHIPPING as the big corporate guys
We have the EXACT OPPOSITE IDEA of how to do business!

Now this may not ever get us to the same impersonal, faceless financial status of those other guys, but that’s ok with us because what we have done, and continue to do, is hook you up with a great deal on an AWESOME E-Bike!
So take your time, shop around, find what you need , find what you like, but before you hit “BUY” come back here and check us out. I bet you will find the exact bike you want, or at least a darn close alternative, and I’d bet even more that you will save at least $150 over the corporate guys.
So, check us out, check out our selection. Its huge and its only going to get bigger as more people see the light.
CONGRATULATIONS on finding us! I guarantee it’s worth your time!!

Happy E-Biking!!

Jeremy Carr
E-Bike Liquidators USA